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Bonnet Carre Spillway - Saint Charles Parish Louisiana - Diverts water from the Mississippi River to Lake Pontchartrain

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Videos Below

Welcome to our website.  I'm Bill the one doing the website and this is my wife Robin.
We came out to see the spillway and brought our camera and took a lot of pictures and some videos.
When we got home I decided to see if this website was available and to my surprise no one else had gotten the domain name BonnetCarreSpillway.com. So now I have it and will be adding more pictures to it and maybe even more videos.

I will also be adding an event and recreation page to this website.
I just found out that there are events that go on in the spillway.
This place is a popular place for fishing, crawfishing, boating, skiing and other water sports.
Thanks for stopping by and if you want to advertise here you can contact me at 504-348-9726




In this picture you can see the two bays of the spillway  structure.
The one on the left is a closed bay and the one on the right is the open bay.
There are a total of 350 bays.

Thanks for taking the time to view my website.
I have many more of the Southeast part of Louisiana.
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